What is a Couple’s Massage?

You and your girlfriend, partner, wife or fiancé receive an incredibly and sensual massage in the same session, applied by one or even two therapists. It can be an incredible and unforgettable experience for both of you together. It will no doubt be an unforgettable, different, outstanding and erotic experience for you, full of pleasurable moments. Why not try this incredible massage?

There are two ways for the couple to receive the massage. If it is with one therapist, one of you will go first, while the other observes with pleasure, imagining and enjoying how it will feel to receive that massage. The one who received the first massage will then observe, and the other will lie down to receive their massage. In a relaxed and playful dynamic, an exchange of sensual experiences, simplicity and intimacy between all will take place.

The other way to receive the massage is with two therapists, or a therapist couple, so that both will receive the massage at the same time, each one with a therapist, feeling and looking, enjoying and observing, being able to share, experience and have a magnificent session of relaxation and sensuality.

The couple can choose the massage they will receive, reflexology, tantric, nuru. All will result in incredible experiences. Our suggestion is to choose a mixture, or to have a nuru massage, which will make your experience even more intense and unforgettable. Invite your partner for this experience.

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