What is Lingam Massage?

Lingam is a term that comes from India and literally means, “Ray of Light” in reference to the male sexual organ, the penis, especially the erect member. This term comes from tantric philosophy and the lingam massage is still part of the tantric massage.

What does this mean? 

The objective of the lingam massage is not just to provide pleasure, excitement and eroticism, but complete relaxation and harmonization of sexual energy, done with soft, special touches on the male sexual organ. To receive a lingam massage is to learn to relax in pleasure. We have learned that the peak of pleasure is the release, the explosion, the orgasm, and this is not necessarily the truth.

The Tantra teaches us that strong ecstasy exists if we learn to relax during touch and we enter a state with no expectations, rushing to contemplate pleasure, if we rest in the excitement and meditate on the touch that we are receiving, where the energy spreads all over our body and is not limited to one pleasure spot.

The lingam massage is very far from masturbation, a mechanical touch with the objection to bring the sexual organ to a common, local, fast orgasm of simple release and explosion, but a beautiful and thoughtful process to evoke the sexual energy found in our central force and to free that energy all over the body, mind and spirit.

That is the meaning of the term “ray of light” or lingam, to bring light to pleasure, to transform the sexual organ into a ray of creative and transforming energy when touched and massaged in a special and delicate way, expanding pleasure, making it longer, to reach farther and more overwhelmingly than a mere release.

How is a Lingam Massage Performed? 

The lingam massage is normally performed after another massage procedure, being a reflexology, tantric, Thai or Nuru massage, where the therapist gradually directs her touches to the male sex organ, taking all of the relaxation and energy of the body there.

The touches are creative, exploring the sensitive regions and pleasure zones of the member and surrounding areas, using the hands, fingertips and fingernails so the pleasure grows in the sexual area. A good lingam massage should be slow, with no rush, performed creatively and sensually where neither the client nor the therapist are in a hurry to arrive anywhere, or to the goal.

At the peak of the massage a full orgasm can occur, where the body’s relaxation and harmonization reaches their maximum level, causing a great feeling of pleasure, inner peace and happiness.

What are the Benefits of the Lingam Massage? 

  • Expansion of the levels of pleasure and orgasm.
  • Learn how to relax during excitement and not just during release.
  • Transform pleasure into meditation and contemplation.
  • Increase sensitivity in that region.
  • Improve cases of premature ejaculation and difficulty to reach orgasm.

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