What is a Mutual Massage? 

A mutual massage is a profoundly interactive massage. It is a simultaneous massage in both directions, where in special positions guided by the therapist, you will receive special touches, while touching and massaging the therapist at the same time.

In this massage, there are some soft moments and some intense and prolonged moments, affectionate movements as if the therapist were “hugging”, or involving the region of the body being massaged, bringing forth sensations that were dormant or never before felt, also expanding the sensitivity of the skin and pleasures of the body.

Most of the massage exchange is conducted with a reflexology massage, but there are also moments when the therapist and client will mutually experience the energy of the tantric, Thai and nuru massages.

How is the Mutual Massage Performed? 

The mutual massage is a very different experience from the others.

It is done the entire time, from beginning to end, simultaneously. In other words, you will be invited to touch the therapist in the same way she is touching you, letting her guide you. Do not worry if you do not know how to perform a massage, nor possess any techniques. The therapist will guide you, and you only have to imitate on her body what she does on yours.

This is why you and the therapist will try positions together that facilitate this exchange in beautiful moments of interaction between you and her. It is a deeply relaxing and involving experience.

This massage is done on a tatami mat with neutral oils.

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