What is a Nuru Massage?

  • The Nuru massage is a massage that intensely stimulates sexual energy.  This massage is very sensual, plainly erotic, where the therapist uses her entire body to massage the client. If you want to light your internal fire through a truly erotic massage, the Nuru is the ideal massage for you.

    The Nuru Massage originated in Japan and utilizes synesthesia, making it highly sensual in perfect conjunction for deep relaxation with complete ecstasy. 

    •    The therapist will rub all over the client’s body, using her own body to massage it.
    •    It begins off with slower and lighter touches, and progresses into a sensual massage becoming more intense.
    •    It is performed on a tatami mat with special oils.
    •   Lingam massage ending.

How is the Nuru Massage performed?

The sensual and erotic climate of the Nuru massage begins with the uniform of the therapist, who will greet you in special clothing, a robe, a camisole, or lingerie.  

The massage begins with relaxing hand touches all over your body, so you can relax your body and mind with soft touches and plenty of oils.  

At a specific time during the massage, the therapist removes her own clothes, oils her own body with heated oils and begins to erotically and sensually massage your body with various parts of her body, using movements, positions and maneuvers that will surprise you. 

The massage ends with a deeper and more intense lingam massage, in the traditional manner by hand, or with parts of the therapist’s body. The key to the Nuru massage is creativity and adventure. 

None of our massages include sexual acts. The ending is always with a lingam massage, including the Nuru massage. The adventure and eroticism of the Nuru massage will result in your relaxation and pleasure, but the focus is the massage. Relax and enjoy.

Nuru Massage: What are the Benefits?

  • The Nuru Massage is an erotic, fun and sensual way to receive a body to body massage:
  • It stimulates self-control:
  • The eroticism takes you to total ecstasy:
  • It awakens and intensifies your libido:
  • The relaxation is done body to body:
  • It is the epitome of the sensual and erotic massage.

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