What is a Tantric Massage?

The Tantra is a spiritual tradition that aims to, among many other things, integrate our sexual energy with our spiritual side, bringing sensuality and eroticism for a mystic and sacred experience, full of mysteries and secrets.

The tantric massage is an ideal massage for those who want to feel what it is like to unite erotic, affectionate and sacred elements in one massage with different types of touches and energies where you will feel a rollercoaster of emotions and sensations.

For the tantric massage, the touches are soft and delicate, charged with strong energy, where eventually, the touches of the hand are substituted with different sensory stimuli.

AT Gasha Terapias, our tantric massage is unique. Our session has been developed by a therapist using true tantric philosophy. She has studied the tradition in India, and has brought the true experience of a complete, intense and genuine tantric massage back with her.

According to some Tantra masters, this technique allows the person to experience the expansion of his own sexual limits, reaching a state of pure happiness. The orgasmic release is part of the process, but, even though it is strong, it is considered to be secondary in relation to the true goal, which is to reach a state of bodily, mental and spiritual fulfillment.

How is the Tantric Massage Performed?

The tantric massage if a very special massage. The merging of your energy and that of the therapist you choose is much deeper than other massages and the carrying out of the process and experience is fundamental for you to receive an excellent and unforgettable tantric massage.

Our massage is completely unique and sophisticated, beginning with the ambiance in which you will be massaged. The room, preferably with a tatami mat, is specially decorated with lit candles, flowers, cushions, and scented with aromatic perfumes, all for you to feel like you are in a sacred, cozy and very sensual atmosphere.

Before embarking on your trip through sensations and different energies of the tantric massage, the therapist will briefly explain to you what the Tantra is and the objectives of the massage, so that your experience will be as intense and complete as possible. Especially if it is your first tantric massage, you will also have the opportunity to converse in advance, clear up any doubts, ask questions, so that you can surrender to the process completely.

Music plays a fundamental role in the tantric massage! Much more than just ambiance and background, different music will help you and the therapist to dive deeper into the three main energies of the tantric massage, which are: sacred, affectionate and sensual. Let the music transport you during the session.

Now the massage really begins! Relax, breathe, clear your mind and let the therapist guide you through the process. The massage begins with both of you making contact with the sacred and spiritual realm and the contemplation of something larger and transcendent. The touches that she will apply to you will transport you to that sacred space, where client and therapist are transformed into Gods and Goddesses.

The touches and the music begin to shift from the sacred to affectionate, to an affectionate, cozy and protective space, and this is where the application of heated oils begins all over your body, with slow, soft and delicate movements, so that your body and mind are bathed in relaxation through touch.

In a third movement, the massage begins to slowly become more and more sensual and erotic and the heat begins to spread through your body through different sensations of touch by hands, nails, textures, breath, exploring the most sensitive parts of your body which are most receptive to pleasure.

It is during this journey between the sacred, affection and erotic that the tantric massage occurs, where in addition to passively receiving the touch and stimuli on your body, you are encouraged to use your imagination, visualizing and enjoying every movement according to smooth instructions you will receive from your Goddess.

Finalizing the massage, your will receive lingam touches and stimuli to the sacred sexual region of the Tantra, slowly, with no rush and with the sole objective of your pleasure and energy to flow more and more intensively to that region, where a great ecstasy of intense relaxation will occur.

Benefits of the Tantric Massage

  • Erogenous zones are explored all over the body in the Tantric Massage Ritual.
  • Anxiety and mental and physical fatigue are eased in the Tantric Massage Ritual.
  • In the Tantric Massage, traumas and emotional blocks can be released.
  • Gain a strong awareness of the integration of your own sexual, affectionate and spiritual energy.
  • The tantric massage helps us to become more loving, peaceful and evolved people.

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