What is a Thai Massage?

The Thai massage is a strongly relaxing massage, where even pains, muscular and posture problems can be relieved. In this massage, in addition to the hands, the therapist uses different body parts in the techniques and maneuvers, such as arms, forearms, legs, knees and elbows.

Through interactive manipulation of the body, stretches and light pressures are used along the lines of energy. These movements provide an increment of flexibility, muscular relief, stimulus to internal organs, balance of the energetic system of the body, calming relaxation, rejuvenation of the body and mind, and invigoration of the nervous system, to the person receiving the massage.

Receiving a Thai Massage is like doing yoga without exerting force while receiving an acupuncture treatment, where therapist and client interact in energetic and muscular positions which increase energy and health.

How is the Thai Massage Performed?

The Thai massage session is kind of similar to the reflexology massage, but there are many kinds of touches, positions and stretches that are very different from any other massage you have ever received.

The massage begins with relaxing touches, application of specific oil or cream for the massage, and during the course of the massage, you will notice that the therapist will use touches and maneuvers using different parts of her body as support for the massage, such as her arm, elbow, knee and leg, aiming to reach deeper into your muscles, causing your body to intensely relax.

During the massage, you will be invited to try positions and stretches with the therapist, where she will once again use different procedures with you between your and her bodies, for stretches, pressures and relaxations of the body. This is how the Thai massage is much more interactive and provides a closer connection between your and the therapist’s body.

The session ends with a Lingam Massage.

  • Use of neutral oil;
  • The therapist conducts this type of massage in lingerie;
  • Conducted preferably on a tatami mat;
  • Ends with a Lingam Massage.

What are the Benefits of a Thai Massage?

  • Increased flexibility and body awareness.
  •  Relief of muscular pains and limitations.
  • The Thai Massage awakens and intensifies the libido.
  • Better flow and circulation of energy throughout the entire body.
  • It strongly relaxes both body and mind.

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