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The Tantra is a road to self-awareness, integration and spirituality, which is absolutely awesome, intense, pure and liberating. But like almost everything that arrives to our western, consumer oriented culture of immediate gratification, it ends up suffering some distortion of true errors, from a lack of understanding and the Tantra is incorrectly understood by people who speak about what they don’t understand. They learn and teach incorrectly and the confusion and distortion end up being immense, educating the sacred school of interior development and growth. And that confusion is even worse when it comes to tantric massage.

Let’s try to understand then, in a very correct way, what exactly is the Tantra and tantric massage?

The first thing we need to understand is that the Tantra originated in a spiritual tradition, exactly like Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Umbanda and all other sacred schools or traditions.

And what would the main goal of a sacred tradition be?

To purify our energies and perceptions, elevate ourselves to the sacred, evolve internally, meditation, become better people, free ourselves from fear, from ignorance, and all of that is the goal of the tantric techniques. So here we have already begun to understand that the goal of the Tantra is not to have better orgasms, improve relationships, make us more seductive or treat impotence. This can happen, but it is not the actual goal.

So then, why does the Tantra deal with sensuality, sexual energy, pleasure, body and such things?

Ah! It is exactly at this point that people fail to understand the Tantra and continue misunderstanding.

Sexual energy, pleasure, sensuality and eroticism, can be experienced in to ways, either through the animal, instinct, material, land, possession, body, strength and dense energy sides, or through the pure, sacred, divine, spiritual, loving, illuminated, and elevated side. The first experience is the most basic, the most common. The sexual energy in this case, ties us to the ground, to the body, to the land. It can make us addicted, enslave us, make us dependent on sex, desire and bodies. Another way of living or experimenting sexual energy is when it becomes sacred, pure and elevated, when your partner and you are no longer common people, but become seekers of the sacred. You become divine beings, Gods and Goddesses and together embark on that journey of sacred sensuality. You can evolve and eroticism becomes an instrument for growth.

With tantric massage, it is very important to allow yourself to be guided through a therapeutic experience, remaining relaxed, meditating, noticing your body and her body as something sacred, illuminated and not go to the common place of sex, of wanting to grope and possess, but live through the touch of pleasure and sensuality in another way.

That is the Tantra, the meeting of the erotic and the sacred where the body becomes a temple, where through sensuality, we soar higher and higher towards inner growth and spiritual evolution. Tantra is not sex.

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